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Training Course Outline

Enterprise SOA Modeling


This course focuses on techniques for modeling and developing Enterprise SOA Solutions. Attendees learn how to model Enterprise SOAs using SoaML, the OMG standard for modeling Service Oriented Architectures, and how to create executable solutions via a model driven approach.  Attendees study perspectives on key elements of Enterprise SOA: standards, technologies, techniques and methods for developing Enterprise SOA solutions, and then use these elements to compose and orchestrate an Enterprise SOA solution in a hands-on workshop.  Attendees should have attended course one or have a firm grounding in Enterprise SOA.


  • Systems & SOA Architects
  • Software Modelers
  • Senior Developers


  • Overview of Enterprise SOA
    • Definition of Enterprise SOA
    • Enterprise SOA Standards, Technologies, and Best Practices
    • Integrating SOA, Business Process and Information Architectures
    • Enterprise SOA Architecture & Blueprint
      • Enterprise SOA Platforms
      • Enterprise Service Bus & application servers
      • Enterprise Service Registry
      • Enterprise Business Process Management
  • Modeling Enterprise SOA
    • Introduction to OMG SoaML – A standard modeling language for developing Enterprise SOA Solutions
    • Architecting Enterprise SOAs with Business Focus
      • Enterprise SOA Computational Independent Models
      • Enterprise SOA Platform Independent Models
      • Enterprise SOA Platform Specific Models
    • Learn By Example
      • High Level Services Architectures
      • Participants and Service Components
      • Modeling the Service Contracts
      • Modeling SOA Messages
      • Modeling Enterprise Data
      • Modeling Components
      • Composite Components
  • Building Enterprise SOA Solutions
    • Model Driven Approach
    • Using ModelPro to provision applications
    • Cartridges and the SoaML Cartridge for JEE
    • Learn by example
      • The provisioning specification
      • Building application components in JEE
      • Adding custom business logic
      • Testing services

Duration: 2 Days


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