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Training Course Outline

NIEM-UML Technical Training with MagicDraw®*


This 3 day course and lab well get you started with NIEM and NIEM-UML. NIEM-UML is the standard for model driven information sharing with NIEM, MagicDraw with the Cameo NIEM-UML Plugin is the leading NIEM-UML tool used in the course. By the end of this course you will be creating your own NIEM IEPDS using UML tools based on the NIEM-UML standard.


  • Information Architects
  • NIEM Developers
  • Information Sharing Practitioners
  • XML Developers

What you will learn

  • The foundations of NIEM and the NIEM-UML standard
  • UML class diagrams as used by NIEM-UML
  • A working knowledge of NIEM-UML
  • The Magicdraw UML tool and the NIEM-UML Plugin
  • How to model a NIEM IEPD (Information Exchange Package Description) in UML and automatically generate a conformant NIEM IEPD using XML
  • The UML and XML representation of NIEM object types, simple types and code lists
  • The NIEM information model types, including: Exchange, Extension, Subset and Constraint Schema
  • Reusing and subsetting NIEM reference models using Magicdraw
  • Overview of the NIEM reference models
  • Reverse and round-trip engineering of IEPDS
  • Use of NIEM-UML for domains and EIEMs.
  • NIEM IEPD structure at the XML level
  • Publishing an IEPD

Format: Each day is combination of lecture, "follow me" use of tools and lab

Duration: 3 Days with an optional extra lab day

Class Schedule

Private classes also available

* ®MagicDraw is a trademark of Nomagic, Inc.

** Labs provide an opportunity to apply what you have learned in the class setting. Labs are conducted in the classroom with help available.

** This course is not sponsored or endorsed by the NIEM PMO

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