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Model Driven Solutions

A Leader in the Development of SOA- and MDA-based Solutions

Model Driven Solutions is at the forefront of providing real, open, flexible, reusable, and robust enterprise systems that resolve the costly and time-consuming issues of complexity and technology dependence.

As the economic marketplace on the Internet matures, it is becoming increasingly critical that companies have an architecture and infrastructure that is open, flexible, and efficient in order to keep pace with customer expectations and competitive opportunities. Model Driven Solutions is dedicated, and uniquely able, to provide both the consulting expertise and the technology to meet these growing demands of business.


Model Driven Solutions has achieved a leadership position in the industry for technology development with its new generation of standards-based services for enterprise architecture and system-of-systems integration - based on SOA, MDA, distributed object, Web services and semantic technologies.

This leadership is reflected in our in-depth understanding - and rigorous methodology - that brings business demands and the required supporting technology together.


Our expertise resides in a proven SOA- and MDA-based methodology that includes:

  • defining client business requirements
  • designing and implementing enterprise architectures that support the business requirements
  • developing tooling for client infrastructure components that support the enterprise architectures
  • organizing metadata
  • automated development and code generation

which result in an open, efficient, and flexible business enterprise system, a system that enables our clients to maximize efficiency, market exposure, and revenues.

Our architects and developers use the latest SOA- and MDA-based methodologies and Web-based tools (such as SoaML, Java, UML, RDF, OWL, Linked Open Data, Corba®, XML, ebXML, Enterprise Java Beans, JBoss, Eclipse IDE, application servers, etc.). Model Driven Solutions' expertise in model-driven automated development and Model Driven Architecture (MDA) ensures resulting technology that both solves the business problems today and, as important, are a lasting, reusable asset.

Standards-Based Results

Model Driven Solutions' standard-based expertise and methodology makes it possible to describe, in highly flexible models, the elements, processes, roles, collaborations and activities of the business. These technology-independent business models then can be implemented in the technology of choice. The process is real-time and uses high level visual design. Most hand-written code can be eliminated. Once the specifications are clearly defined and simulated, Model Driven Solutions' methodology, process and tooling makes it work in the technology that suits the business' needs best.

Applications developed using the Model Driven Solutions methodology can work across platforms, giving them a wider range of utility and ease of use. Development time and costs are reduced while preserving an industrial strength infrastructure.

For over 13 years, Model Driven Solutions (operating as Data Access technologies) has been helping to define the industry standards for open systems development. And we are in the forefront of implementing them. That is what makes Model Driven Solutions a leader in the civilian government, military, business-to-business, e-commerce and enterprise integration marketplace.

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