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Model Driven Solutions

Model Driven Information Sharing Services

Model Driven Information Sharing with NIEM

Information sharing requires close communication and colaboration among divisions, suppliers, customers, and partners. Business imperatives demand a scalable, multi-tiered, Model Driven and Service Oriented solution.

Model Driven Solutions consultants will work with you to understand your information sharing strategy and to develop NIEM (National Information Exchange Model) exchange specifications and application implementations. Because we are mdoel driven and use NIEM-UML information sharing can be more effective, less risky and less expensive.

Using Model Driven and Service Oriented Architecture methoidologies, combined with NIEM, the Model Driven Solutions team will develop a component-based collaboration architecture - an architecture tuned for informatin sharing. Using the latest standards-based tools, like NIEM-UML and SoaML, we will develop a detailed application and technology architectural plan that ensures that your infrastructure meets your business demands today, and provides the flexibility to meet the unforeseen demands of tomorrow.

From actionable and business focused models, MDS will generate much of the information sharing specifications and implementations. Multiple technolgies can be supported, including XML, SQL, Java, Cobol, RDF and others.

Model Driven Solutions is dedicated to designing, developing, and implementing architectures that are lasting business assets.

Please see our download page: Model Driven Information Sharing Resources


Model Driven Solutions has been a key contributor to the NIEM-UML specification, which is in the final stages of adoption in the Object Management Group. MDS recommends using NIEM-UML tooling from NoMagic, which is available now, to design and develop NIEM-UML based information sharing solutions.

Please see our NIEM-UML Training offerings!


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