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May 2012: MDS/DAT joins IJIS to further model driven information sharing in the justice, homeland security and public safety communities

May 2012: MDS/DAT and NIEM-UML team submit final NIEM-UML specification to the Object Management Group.

April 2012:ModelDriven.org releases foundational UML (fUML) reference implemtnation v 1.01

Feb 2012: MDS Initiates submitters group for Semantic Information Modeling for Federation

Sept 2011:NIEM-PMO contracts with MDS to help develop NIEM-UML specification

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Open Source

Model Driven Solutions is active in the Open Source community. Model Driven Solutions is a founder, major contributor and currently, the administrative manager of ModelDriven.org. Its mission is to provide government and industry with a reference architecture and ready-to-run toolset and platform that enables business objectives to be realized more quickly and less expensively using an integrated approach to enterprise, business and technology architectures.

The Initiative

The latest capabilities of software technologies such as Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) combined with the Open Source movement have changed the game for the large enterprise – government or corporate.  These changes offer the potential to affect dramatic and systemic change within the organizations and communities that embrace them.  ModelDriven.org has been formed to enable agility and efficiency through best-practice application of technology based on a funded Open Source business model.

ModelDriven.org is offering a portfolio of integrated and enterprise-ready software combined with support and services to enable the Agile Enterprise.  Since ModelDriven.org has no product agenda, ModelDriven.org is fully committed to the needs and agenda of our members.  ModelDriven.org produces and supports what our members want and need based on our funded Open Source model and engages best-of-breed resources to fill those needs.  ModelDriven.org members receive more than just Open Source, they receive commercial product quality software packages that are integrated, tested and supported.

ModelDriven.org has a unique understanding of business needs and how to leverage advanced technologies.  Recognizing that most Open Source efforts have focused on lower level infrastructure and tools, Modeldriven.org focuses on enabling enterprise solutions.  We have built a core competency around the technologies and services that enable the Agile Enterprise:

  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

  • Enterprise Architecture (EA)

  • Model Driven Architecture (MDA)

  • Business Process Modeling, Engineering and Execution

  • Semantic Web

  • Ontologies

  • Reusable Components

  • Strategic Planning

  • Web Technologies (E.G. Web Services & XML)

Central to ModelDriven.org is bringing together a community of users and providers – where the users set the agenda and the providers help to realize it, putting users in the driver seat.


ModelDriven.org offers a unified approach to using and integrating these technologies in support of the Agile Enterprise.  Much of the foundation for ModelDriven.org has been developed in partnership with the General Services Administration as part of the OsEra project - see below.

Click HERE to go directly to the ModelDriven.org web site.


Model Driven Solutions is partnered with the U.S. General Services Administration to produce and support the OsEra open source program. Its mission is to provide government and industry with a reference architecture and ready-to-run toolset and platform that enables business objectives to be realized more quickly and less expensively using an integrated approach to enterprise, business and technology architectures.

Model Driven Solutions is the initial OsEra partner, providing much of the foundation architecture and development. DAT works with sponsors and customers to build, expand and utilize OsEra.

The home page of the GSA OsEra project can be found HERE.

OsEra Projects

OsEra supports ongoing projects in the definition of its framework and infrastructure including its Software Architecture and Semantic Core. OsEra has a series of projects to develop OsEra components. Each component of OsEra is designed to "plug into" the overall OsEra reference architecture. OsEra components are, in most cases, open source but both open source and commercial components can be integrated.

OsEra Technology Stack

The following diagram shows the relationship between some of the OsEra technologies being integrated in the proof of concept. This technology stack is utilized as part of the prototype demonstration application.

OsEra Components

Each of the following components are detailed more fully in the OsEra Stack pages


- Eclipse Environment

- Tool Integration

- Architecture Modeling with view to include:

  • Goals and Requirements

  • Role and Collaboration Modeling

  • Business Process Modeling

  • Information Modeling

  • FEA

  • Security

  • Organizational Structure

  • Business Vocabulary

  • Ontologies

- Model Repository containing models based on a variety of meta models including:

  • Semantic Core

  • Enterprise Distributed Object Computing (EDOC)

  • Unified Modeling Language (UML)

  • The Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework (FEA)

  • Business Process Execution Language (BPEL)

  • XML Schema

  • As OsEra expands, other models will be incorporated, including DoDaf and OWL.

- Provisioning

- Enterprise Service Bus

- Semantic Web

OsEra and SOA

The following depicts a general overview of the OsEra layered view of SOA.

Additional information is available directly from GSA HERE. The Model Driven Solutions references, part of ModelDriven.org can be found HERE.

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