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May 2012: MDS/DAT joins IJIS to further model driven information sharing in the justice, homeland security and public safety communities

May 2012: MDS/DAT and NIEM-UML team submit final NIEM-UML specification to the Object Management Group.

April 2012:ModelDriven.org releases foundational UML (fUML) reference implemtnation v 1.01

Feb 2012: MDS Initiates submitters group for Semantic Information Modeling for Federation

Sept 2011:NIEM-PMO contracts with MDS to help develop NIEM-UML specification

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-OMG's Maximizing BPM Investments with SOA Workshop - GSA's FMEA: An Executable Services Oriented Enterprise Architecture for Financial Management Presentation

-Service Oriented Architecture Guide White Paper

-W3C Government Workshop: Cory Casanave presented on: The Architecture of Services:Achieving Business Value with SOA in the Government Article and Presentation

-Synergy 101: Aligning TOGAF and MDA to Enhance Collaboration for U.S. Navy Simulation Development Article

-MDA and TOGAF Enterprise Architecture Synergy White Paper

-The Architecture of Services White Paper

-MDA and SOA in the Enterprise Presentation

-MDA Vision for Goverment and Defense White Paper

- OMG Enterprise Distributed Object Computing (EDOC)Link

- OMG Component Collaboration Architecture (CCA) Link

- OMG Unified Modeling Language Resource Page (UML) Link

- EbXML Link

- Trygve Reenskaug's excellent book on Role Analysis Link


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