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At Model Driven Solutions (MDS), we help organizations apply collaborative modeling technology to become effective and agile in a competitive and changing world.

Model-Based Systems Engineering

MDS supports Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE), an innovative approach that integrates systems engineering with model-based methodologies to streamline the development and management of complex systems. More than replacing documents with diagrams, MBSE is about producing executable and actionable models that drive efficiency and effectiveness across various engineering disciplines.

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Semantic Technologies

MDS helps you harness the power of Semantic Technologies to foster better understanding and integration of complex data across diverse systems. Our focus on semantic models and ontologies is pivotal in transforming data into actionable knowledge. This provides a robust framework that you can leverage in your enterprise digital transformation efforts.

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Our Services

Take Your Business to the next Level

If your organization is complex, deals with complex systems or information, or needs to better leverage models – MDS is your partner of choice.

What We Do

Model Driven Solutions (MDS) is a leader in the development of models and tools to better define, leverage, and understand complex systems and information.

We help drive modeling standards, build tools to enable and simplify modeling and help enterprises leverage these capabilities for demonstrable value.

Our belief is that useful models are both actionable and sustainable – that they provide direct value for enterprise solutions through automation and executable semantics. We have applied this expertise to systems engineering, financial services, healthcare, government and other domains.

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Open Source Development

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MDS is a leader in the Object Management Group® and has helped define the standards that are used every day from object modeling to semantic technologies to systems engineering. We have helped build products and reference implementations based on these standards.

SysML™ v2 is the next generation modeling language supporting systems engineers. MDS co-led the development of the SysML v2 specification and continuous to lead work on the open-source reference implementation. We apply our expertise to create exceptional environments to support systems engineering with SysML v2, including commercial tools, commercially supported open-source implementations and custom extensions and integrations as necessary.

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