Model-Based Systems Engineering

As leaders of the SysML v2 standard and open-source reference implementation, MDS can make your systems engineering actionable and executable.

MDS supports Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE), an innovative approach that integrates systems engineering with model-based methodologies to streamline the development and management of complex systems. More than replacing documents with diagrams, MBSE is about producing executable and actionable models that drive efficiency and effectiveness across various engineering disciplines.


Why Model-Based Systems Engineering?

MBSE transforms traditional systems engineering by using models as the primary means of information exchange rather than mere documentation. This approach allows for:

Enhanced Communication

Clear, precise models improve understanding among stakeholders, including engineers, managers, and clients.

Increased Efficiency

Automated tools and simulations based on these models expedite validation and verification processes, reducing the time from concept to deployment.

Improved Quality

By abstracting complexities into manageable models, we can more easily identify potential issues and iterate designs, resulting in higher quality outcomes.

Our Capabilities in MBSE

SysML v2 Development and Implementation

As lead authors of the SysML-V2 specification, we provide cutting-edge expertise in the latest systems modeling language, enabling robust design and analysis of complex systems.


Custom Tool Integration

We develop and integrate specialized modeling tools that enhance the functionality and applicability of standard modeling environments to meet specific industry needs.

Simulation and execution

Industry Applications

Here are just some examples of the industry applications:


Our models streamline patient information systems, integrate new technologies, and improve healthcare delivery through better management of complex medical data.

Aerospace & Defense

We provide models that help in the design and analysis of everything from individual components to entire systems of systems, ensuring reliability and compliance with strict industry standards.


We support the automotive industry in the shift towards more connected, autonomous, and environmentally friendly vehicles with advanced modeling of automotive systems and processes.