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Model Driven Solutions

A Highly Focused Provider of Architected Services and Solutions for the Enterprise.

Our Service Oriented, Model Driven and standards-based approach and methodologies provide our clients, large and small, with open, agile and reliable solutioons that specifically meet their business requirements.


Our mission is to develop a new generation of products and services for enterprise integration based on Service Oriented and Model Driven Architectures, distributed object and Semantice Web-based technologies. We specialize in solving global enterprise needs.


Model Driven Solutions is dedicated to providing responsive solutions, recommendations and standards-based best practices to our clients’ complex and dynamic requirements. We focus in particular on:

  • The identification, analysis and transformation of business processes and information used in an enterprise to executable standards-based process and data models for subsequent analysis and, where appropriate, systems development.

  • The integration and execution of the latest technologies, skills and services.

  • The agility, creativity, flexibility and efficiency crucial to meeting the evolving needs of the client.

  • The employment of highly-skilled, educated and motivated professionals with a history of successful accomplishments in their professional arena.

We achieve results that exceed our client's expectations in all of the projects we undertake. 


Model Driven Solutions is a leader in the efforts to make the standards required for enterprise components open and interoperable. Much of the technology developed and offered by Model Driven Solutions is a direct result of a grant from the Advanced Technology Program of the US National Institute of Standards and Technology.

We continue today to be active participants in numerous standards setting bodies including OMG, the Open Group, W3C and OASIS. We are active leaders in the development of new and evolving standards such as SoaML, fUML, MDA, UML, ebXML, and others.


Model Driven Solutions seeks projects or contracts where we perform either as the primary contractor or sub-contractor.  We welcome partnering opportunities. 


Our prime market focus is the US Federal Government; however, we also market and provide services to the private sector and state and local governments.

Our specialties are SOA- and MDA-based distributed Internet systems, solutions based on Linked Open Data and the Semantic Web, business-to-business commerce, and automated development.


Our enterprise architects, designers, modelers and developers have in-depth experience and expertise in all areas of SOA, MDA, distributed systems, component technology, development tools, DBMS, middleware, modeling, analysis and design, RDF, OWL and enterprise architecture. Our people have the experience in application, tool and infrastructure development utilizing legacy to leading edge technologies.


We believe in a service-based architecture, based on open standards, that allows an open, flexible, and robust system to be built using enterprise level components.

We believe in automation, using tools rather than "brute force coding," to make systems quicker to implement, more reliable, easier to change, and making iterative development possible.

We believe in validation. A system that hasn't been tested doesn't work. The system and its components must be constantly and repeatedly validated.


Model Driven Solutions, an SBA certified Small Business, was founded in 1996 by Cory Casanave as Data Access Technologies, Inc. Mr. Casanave continues as current President and CEO.

Originally, Data Access Technologies, Inc. was spun-off from Data Access Worldwide (www.dataaccess.com), an established provider of application development systems, whose core product, DataFlex, has resulted in more than $100 million in direct and $500 million in channel sales. Mr. Casanave designed and implemented much of the original DataFlex and managed its evolution to becoming the first object-oriented 4th Generation Language (4GL) and application development system. Model Driven Solutions is now fully independent of Data Access Worldwide.


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